Hello, and welcome to Pete's Place!

I was born and mostly raised in western Washington. I went to school in Vienna, Austria, for my senior year of high school. Shortly thereafter, I joined the USAF, learned Russian, and became an intelligence specialist for the next 20 years. During that time, I met and married my wife of almost 34 years, Ilene, who was one of my students during a teaching assignment. We have three children, daughters 25 and 27 (note the gray in the hair!) and a son now 21, born just a few months before I retired from the USAF.

I was a part of the "computer revolution" in the military, applying computer technology and techniques to intelligence operations and analysis. I retired after the first Gulf War and became a systems manager and consultant specializing in large-scale distributed systems, focusing on networks, messaging, and healthcare information systems.  Now I work in the lastest niche in enterprise computing, Big Data.

Although I was born on the West Coast, I am more at home in Texas, having lived there more than half of the time I've actually lived in the United States. I love to hunt and fish, although family and job have restricted that activity in recent years.

I'm a cancer survivor and Type I diabetic.  Actually, I'm a Type I+, as I have a rare form of Type I diabetes, with only the production of the insulin antigen presenting...and that in spades!!!  There's hope, though, as human trials for a probably cure for this characteristic of diabetes are starting.  I haven't been able to get into one yet, but I'm on the lists and hopeful!  I'm still recovering from the cancer surgery, as the scar tissue has interfered with some other normal functions.  Not to mention the gigantic weight gain (over 60 lbs) from the steroids prescribed while not able to exercise at all!

I'm a frustrated author (i.e., unpublished author) who loves to write. I've published several books online and have a worldwide readership. Just can't seem to break into the print arena. I'm currently working on a time-travel romance novel based on the legend of the naming of the Three Sisters Mountains, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Maybe this will be the one!!

I'm a dedicated Christian, involved in my church where needed. For a few years, I was an adjunct professor at Criswell College, teaching young men and women how to use Computer Applications in Ministry.

I like music of all kinds, but prefer country and western, Delta blues, southern rock, or rockabilly. I am an avid reader, reading almost anything. My current favorite author is Nora Roberts, although my all-time favorite is still a toss-up between Louis L'Amour and John D. MacDonald. I also like Alistaire MacLean, Linda Howard, and Lindsay McKenna.

I'm a life-long Ford truck man, with no particular favorite car. Give me an F-Series truck any day! Well, except for the Porsche I drove in Europe...or the Dodge SuperBee I built in 1973!

Come on in and see what interests me!