Charter 2 - The Librarian

This is the second of the books in the Charter series.  Here we meet Pete and Dawna as mature adults with older kids.  Major players also include his protege Jake, and a demure librarian named Jeni.   Someone is after Pete....and Dawna!!  And Jake isn't about to let that happen.  Follow the action from the mountains of the West to the streets of Berlin and Vienna.

This book was written for fun and for the entertainment of my co-crazies on the ADWOFF message board. Without the board and these folks, there would have been no book. So, this is dedicated to my inspiration for the story, hsexton; those who actively encouraged me, Jill022, Jennifer1970, goddessani, dawngls, raven cara, Philomene, Ke77kat, stubbornmiss, Jenn17, kbrianna, ShyGal, cyndita, Shalaidah (snezzer), Beautiful Wise Fairy Princess, arwen, Mel, sassinac, sally00, lilcinny, JENARG, AlwaysCute/Tracey, Madmet, QueenOfCairo, katherynnf, Luv2Read818, MzSimpson, jme66, Jessie’s Mom, Sesha, jaymiof6, Aleena, Mistfox, Joysze, EveDallas, casanndra, and sugarfoot; and to those other hundreds of ADWOFF’ers who were reading along but wouldn’t admit they were!!!!!



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