My daughter Penny is a very talented artist.  For quite a few years now, she has been under the mentorship of Lap Ngo, an internationally acclaimed artist.  The works show here span parts of her career, showing her talents in oil, pastel, and watercolor.

At 8 years old, she won 4th place in oil at the Texas State Fair.  She has continued to win wherever she enters.  She has several Best In Show awards, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes in other categories at the TSF.

The pictures below are simply digital photos of her work.  Some of the oils may reflect too much for you to fully appreciate them.  But enjoy anway!!!!

The Water Trough
The Water Trough II
Cookie Jar and Fruit
Coral Reef
Italian Harbor Village
The Flower
Unfinished Flowers
Portrait of a Lady
Lil Possum
Old Woman and a Child
Pre-Taliban Afghani Woman
Shut In
The Park Pond Bridge
The Door
The Wall
The Window
Apples and Wine